Career Profile

Technically-sound solution-focused individual with comprehensive experience designing and developing high-level and scalable software solutions.

Track record of building and deploying web based systems, mobile products, as well as managing frontend/backend development temas by leveraging advanced practical knowledge of several programming languages and tools.

Recognised for managing overall project development teams and activities, from start to completion, including preparation of backlog, sprint management, daily stand-ups, and prioritisation of Kanban and scrum boards.

Demonstrated people skills by conducting regular 1 on 1 meetings, performance reviews and development talks. Assisted recruiting departments with hiring manager activities and interviews.


Tech Lead

April 2022 - Present
IVC Evidensia, Stockholm


Tech Lead, Technical Product Manager

October 2021 - April 2022
Quartr, Stockholm

Guide and lead the early stage startup by wearing multiple hats simultaneously, from tech lead, developer, SRE, project manager, CTO, engineering manager, hiring manager, consultant etc. to transition a student's project to a full-blown product and backing organization, eventually resulting in a seed round investment raise of 4.5M USD

Proactively collaborate with product manager, product designer, head of product and stakeholders to identify the roadmap and propose the detailed architecture and infrastructure required for scale up and growth

Conduct user interviews and feature validation

Promote team work by outlining team structure and planning for team growth. Participate in hiring interviews and recruitment

Hands on infrastructure setup, including CI/CD pipelines, kubernetes clusters, test automation and other DevOps best practices.

Lead Software Engineer

September 2020 - October 2021
Mixed In Key, Miami

Maintained and developed backend, frontend, infrastructure, and CI/CD pipelines.

Collaboratively worked on newly developed version of Captain Plugins. Used broader paradigms of software development to shift technologies easily.

Leveraged technical expertise in development of Satellite Plugins, whilst receiving 10 out of 10 rating from the DJ Mag.

Tech Lead

April 2020 - April 2022
Ministry of Programming, Sarajevo

Proactively collaborate with project manager and product designer in several phases of design and discovery of various start-ups from breaking down the requirements to an MVP scope and proposing the detailed architecture and infrastructure required for the product.

Analyse user funnels and identify the future product roadmap by implementing and monitoring analytics and logs.

Demonstrate product's organisational structure, as well as consult with the best practices for roles and responsibilities by participating in discussions with the stakeholders.

Promote team work by outlining team structure and planning for team growth. Ensure positive working environment for all employees by supporting all team members in professional development. Maintain transparency, alignment, and support decision making through utilisation of public communication skills.

Lead Software Architect

December 2017 - April 2020
Authority Partners, Sarajevo

Delivered expert-level support in designing detailed project architecture, strategies, schedules, and work breakdown structures in line with client specifications.

Enriched skillset and knowledge by organising internal company meetups and educational presentations for junior developers.

Generated increment in number of yearly production releases from around 10 to more than 100.

Ensured site reliability by analysing system performance, preparing documentation, and implementing robust solutions.

Software Engineer

March 2011 - December 2017
Raiffeisen Bank & Authority Partners, Sarajevo

This entry encompasses the overall software development activities that are common for a full-stack developer, starting at a junior position and gradually growing towards more senior positions.


Most notable projects include but are not limited to the following:

Captain Plugins - Award-winning VST/AU Plugins for music composition.
Satellite Sessions Plugin - Satellite is a VST plugin for Collaboration inside a Digital Audio Workstation.
Quartr - App that gives retail investors on-the-go access to company information - including presentations and earnings calls.
Shifoo - Online coaching platform for IT professionals.

Skills & Proficiency

People and Team Management


Javascript frameworks (Node, React, Angular)

Cloud Providers - DevOps (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Web Apps and Enterprise systems

Windows Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps